Thomas Maus Testimonial About Bala Guntipalli

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Thomas Maus Testimonial About Bala Guntipalli

Thomas Maus Testimonial About Bala Guntipalli, I started working with TechVelocity in Marketing and Business Development in 2016 after a successful track record of selling ERP Software and Services to CFO’s over a 20-year time frame.

I worked with Bala Guntipalli extensively during the first six months and he trained me on the service offerings, TechVelocity brand management, and more. (digital transformation consulting) What sets Bala apart is that he thinks and strategizes to explain in a way one can understand and on varied levels.

Thomas Maus Testimonial About Bala Guntipalli

He finds and gives examples from my past businesses, jumps in on the calls with short notice, handles the situation well and makes the prospect feel a lot more confident than before he joined by putting the situation at ease resulting in increased interest in TechVelocity’s offerings.

His knowledge of TechVelocity and clients business is notably strong and he researches every prospect exceptionally well before the visit. It’s a real pleasure to work with a professional who thinks on the feet and his way of serving some of the hard to manage clients is informative to watch.

Thomas Maus

Director of Business Development and Operations

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