Steve Ferry Testimonial About Bala Guntipalli

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Steve Ferry Testimonial About Bala Guntipalli

Steve Ferry Testimonial About Bala Guntipalli, I worked with Bala extensively and got to see him in action as we developed strategic partnerships and sales opportunities, for both onshore and offshore Professional IT services offers. He is extremely knowledgeable about multiple business segments, is always prepared and well-versed…absolutely a Subject Matter Expert, and is able to talk on many levels (of the company) about what is required.

I witnessed him onboard a new Account Executive, with patience, an open mind for new ideas and concepts but with a high standard of excellence.

He is absolutely dedicated to supporting the end user with superior customer service with the goal of having a customer “for life”. (digital transformation consulting)

Bala is a very caring, compassionate professional with a remarkable personal story, which inspires many. He puts his own personal brand and reputation behind his businesses. His commitment and integrity are beyond exemplary.

Steve Ferry Testimonial About Bala Guntipalli

EVP, General Manager at Matrix Communications | Delivering Emerging Voice, Data + Telecom Solutions

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