Stanton L. Vaughn Testimonial About Bala Guntipalli

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Stanton L. Vaughn Testimonial About Bala Guntipalli

Stanton L. Vaughn Testimonial About Bala Guntipalli, I have known Bala Guntipalli from TechVelocity Partners for over 15 years and have worked on several projects with him while at IBM. Bala was a trusted and valuable asset to our organization. His skills are excellent and his quest for knowledge is unending. He has expertise in many areas of information technology including CRM, Big Data, programming and IT project management.

Bala has built tools for our team that improved our efficiency, enabled our education, and allowed our team to collaborate better than ever before.(Digital Transformation Consulting)

He is thorough with everything he does, and researches topics to gain a good understanding before proceeding. Bala works well with people and is able to collaborate with anyone. He is not afraid to take on new and challenging tasks, and is an inspiration to work with and a fine person to be around.

I would recommend Bala and TechVelocity Partners for almost any IT project.

Stanton L. Vaughn 
Team Lead, Market Data Services, Support & Services Team 
IBM Corporation

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