Pramod Kelkar M.D Testimonial About Bala Guntipalli

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Pramod Kelkar M.D Testimonial About Bala Guntipalli

Bala has a deep understanding of the business implications of IT development — he thinks out of the box, and never gives up. We brought him on for product development, and he built a team of experts, with himself, business analysts, IT Dev/QA teams, and produced our Proprietary Practice Management and Scheduling System, Social Media Lead Generation and Email Marketing Automation Systems.

These systems can handle upwards of several million records, and they not only creates efficiency and profitability but also perform unique information-delivery functions and is awaiting patent process.

He is crucial in improving the team camaraderie among onshore & offshore teams, reducing the cycle and release times. His disruptive ideas reduced the TCO, improved ROI, and enhanced the product engineering process. He’s instrumental in creating two new revenue lines for TechVelocity.

Once I started working with him, I realized that when you give him an idea, you never need to worry and it will get done correctly…you get peace of mind with him.

He has proven abilities in working well with a wide range of professionals including legal, technical and business and communicating at varied levels. Bala is adept at strategizing and negotiating with Vendors, hiring, mentoring and working with appropriate professionals required to get the job done.

Some of our application end-users are in the highly regulated Healthcare space. Critical issues including HIPPA, Information Security, IT Risk, Compliance, Governance, and Management are crucial to protect the privacy and integrity of the information. Bala created a strategy for all of these, sourced a company that adheres to full HIPPA compliance, and educated himself on advanced Cybersecurity, IT Risk Management and Compliance areas.

Bala is the hardest working, trustworthy, seasoned IT and creative professional I have ever worked with.

Pramod Kelkar M.D

Software Development / Big Data Analytics / QA Testing / Agile Consulting / Lowering Time-to-Market & TCO // Faster ROI

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