Peter R. Bartling Testimonial About Bala Guntipalli

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Peter R. Bartling Testimonial About Bala Guntipalli

Bala Guntipalli is a highly-skilled IT professional, with an expansive knowledge on broad range of technologies, building and mentoring teams, and executing mission-critical technology solutions. Whether it is on a sales call or during the working process with the customer, he works to understand the client, their business processes, triage the right teams of technologists and solve their problems efficiently and cost-effectively.

He prepares diligently, does his homework, provides comprehensive documentation, goes in with wisdom and knowledge, and presents the story and our credentials to address their problems.

Bala is a man of his word, values his reputation as a disciple of both quality and affordability, and will literally move mountains to serve his customers in an always truly exemplary fashion.

He has exceptional skills in Software Development, QA Automation, Business Process Automation, Cybersecurity, and the list goes on. I am always impressed that when a client brings up any particular technical issue, he is very knowledgeable and impresses them quickly (and any area that he needs to clarify, he says “I shall get back to you on that,” and he does).

When issues come up, he performs research and comes back to the leadership team with at least a couple of options that are in line with the business goals. His consultative IT approach drives innovation to clients, resulting in better customer experience, enhancing our business reputation and delivering outstanding value and results. It is a real pleasure to work with an IT person who thinks about ROI and performs an excellent cost-benefit analysis. I have the highest regard for Bala and am pleased to recommend him for a position of trust and responsibility.

Peter R. Bartling

US Army-Bronze Star: Managing Director – Global Access CSG: COO —

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