Dr. Patricia Angulo Testimonial for Bala Guntipalli

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Dr. Patricia Angulo Testimonial for Bala Guntipalli

Gaining the knowledge and understanding of how to take advantage of the Digital Transformation tools to increase the market share for EdTrainU and finding trustworthy professionals to guide us has been more than challenging.

Bala Guntipalli truly listened to our unique challenges and educated us on appropriate tools to scale EdTrainU. He assisted in developing an 18-month strategy, including website and business launch activities. He fine-tuned sales, marketing offerings, client intake process, procurement and contract lifecycle review, board development and assisted in outsourcing programs resulting in a successful launch.

Bala gave us a clear picture on the IT products so EdTrainU can successfully achieve requirements for Digital Transformation. The initial ROI gains we have is 30-35% because of the optimization, practical open source tools and insights gained. He met EdTrainU where it is at and genuinely committed to our growth. Bala created an awareness of opportunities, pitfalls, and how to handle by giving us a straightforward checklist of “Do’s and Don’ts.”

He identified easy-to-use tools to learn about our competition and helped us to understand various digital offerings that EdTrainU could adopt. As a result, we see Bala as a long-term partner. He has consistently taken the time to teach us to “fish” vs. creating dependency. What I am most appreciative is that every step of the way, he is a trusted advisor and advocate, offering tactful, yet candid feedback. He keeps conversations focused and productive.

Every promise made has been honored. That is rare!  With great confidence, I highly recommend Bala Guntipalli. He’s the real deal!

Dr. Patricia L. Angulo


EdTrainU.com was a client of Bala Guntipalli

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