Amy Humphrey Testimonial About Bala Guntipalli

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Amy Humphrey Testimonial About Bala Guntipalli

We are an international non-profit organization that had been struggling with a number of technology issues, including working with changing technologies and utilizing the full capacity of our Donor Management Program, CRM and Social Media applications.

Bala Guntipalli came in and worked with us step by step doing assessments and recommendations, along with the technologists he brought in. He worked with us on plug-ins, data-scrubbing, upgrades, optimizing our architecture, social media, and much more. We now are using the programs we paid for at full capacity, simplified our software processes, and created a dashboard that helps us with analytics and efficiency.

Bala is resolute in a good way, very kind and easy to work with, and once he decides he follows through completely so the opportunity is never lost.

We’ve worked with him on a variety of technical projects over the years. What strikes me most is he finds ways to explain the most complex technical things to the business in a simple understandable way, and we’ve always been completely satisfied.

Amy Humphrey
‎Executive Director
Rising Star Outreach

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