Key Components for conducting an Effective Daily Scrum

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Key Components for conducting an Effective Daily Scrum

Daily Scrum

This infographic is made possible by Bala Guntipalli, Sr. VP of Technology & Operations responsible for Digital Transformation, Strategy, Agile Product Engineering, Cybersecurity, and Project Management at TechVelocity Partners, a global technology services company offering Digital Transformation Services, Business Process Re-engineering /Automation, Healthcare and Cybersecurity Consulting.

Bala has a strong management consulting track record including; Design Thinking, Product Engineering, IT & Agile, P&L, Innovation & Strategy, Partnership building with providers onsite, outsourced, & offshore, supporting strategic decisions (buy, build or partner) and creating smarter IT enabling processes with two plus decades of experience. He builds the right partnerships guided by the “Rotary 4 Way Test.”

“If you would like to solve business problems cost-effectively or grow your business efficiently, let’s talk. I would be delighted to partner with you to accelerate your business success.” Bala Guntipalli

Let’s help our peers by commenting on your Digital Transformation or Agile process implementation experiences here or on my LinkedIn page!

Thank you, Bala Guntipalli / 612-322-2470 / [email protected]

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