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Bala has a strong Digitalization Management Consulting track record including corporate growth, Agile/DSDM Atern/Cybersecurity experiences, building solid partnerships with provider’s onsite, outsourced, or offshore to support the C-suite with their strategic decisions and creating smarter IT enabling processes with skills he mastered over the past two decades.

He doesn’t just build partnerships. He creates the right partnerships guided by the “Rotary 4 Way Test.”

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``When pressed for time and budget, Bala came up with creative, out of the box solutions to achieve quantifiable results, lessening the risk of working with unknown/new vendors.`` Stan Vaughn, IBM

Bala Guntipalli - Sr. VP - Technology & Operations

Bala Guntipalli’s passions and expertise are in digital transformation, agile software methodologies, cybersecurity and management consulting.

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